Edel MacBride Knitwear

Completed: 06.2016 / Customer: Edel MacBride / Task: New Website Design for fashion and knitwear designer

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The Client

Edel MacBride Knitwear

Established knitwear designer, Edel MacBride, is an internationally recognised leader in designer knitwear. When Edel approached us, her website was simply not communicating to or resonating with her customers. There were numerous technical issues that impacted the site functionality and ease of use. The design and visual impact of the site required a fresh approach, in keeping with her target audiences wants and needs.

  • The Challenge

    Develop a new website to promote the Edel MacBride brand

    Edel approached us to design a new website for promoting her high quality knitwear fashion garments. We discussed our design approach, focusing heavily on her target audiences’ needs and wants. Visual impact was high on the list in order to convey the quality of her fashion knitwear. So, Edel hired the services of a photographer and a fashion model and produced quality photographs for the website. We reviewed the potential of selling online and incorporated an e-commerce solution as part of the design in order to facilitate a new income stream for the business.

  • The Solution

    Website Design & Development, Hosting & Domain Management

    We designed a new responsive website that was customer focused and in keeping with her target audiences’ expectations. The site now presents strong visuals of the knitwear and has an inbuilt e-commerce facility for buying online. The site is user-friendly, has clear call-to-action statements and clear navigation throughout.

    The Solution

  • The Results

    Increase customer engagement online leads and sales

    The results were positive. Target audience engagement improved considerably with significant increases in overall traffic to the site. Leads and sales increased, which now constitutes an additional revenue stream for Edel’s business. Overall, the new website is now structurally strong, content managed, mobile responsive and SEO optimised.

Edel MacBride Fashion Knitwear

The Outcome

We have been working with Edel to help her better understand the value of her website with a focus on reaching out to and connecting with her customers. We produced a quality website that reflects Edel’s unique brand. The site clearly presents her product range to her target audiences. The website is now structurally strong, content managed, mobile responsive and SEO optimised. It has a striking visual impact profiling Edel’s unique creative style. Since launching the new website, customer engagement through the site has increase significantly.

Link: www.edelmacbride.com

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