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Quick Overview of Adwords – Learn the ABC’s

Adwords can be a bit scary and confusing, exciting and rewarding all at the same time! You are hearing that there are changes in Google which makes its harder to get ranked highly for organic search. Plus the competition is getting tougher all the time. You know you need to invest in Paid Search to boost your websites visibility. But one look into an Adwords account and you want to close it down again!

It doesn’t need to be scary though. You have to decide either to take the time (a lot of time in fairness) and go through all the help videos etc Google provide. Or you understand at least what you should expect form Adwords and hire someone else to run an efficient effective results driven campaign.

Setting Key Performance Indicators, knowing how to gain a good Quality Score and all about Bid Adjustments is what you should expect from your Adwords expert. These will all help you have your ad served for the keywords people type in to search for your services and products. Understanding click through rates and cost per impressions is another thing you can leave with your Adwords consultant – they will construct the ad copy to attract people to click Your ad.

Factors that determine the ads which show are

  • Bid
  • Quality Score
  • Expected impact of ad extensions (& other ad formats)

Ad extensions are pieces of information you can add onto your ad such as a phone number or a call button, links to specific pages on your site or your business location. Adwords determine how extensions will impact on your performance and use this to decide how often and what position to show your ads in.

Have a wee look at the video below. This will give you a quick overview of Adwords, help you gain an initial understanding of what Adwords is all about, will simply explain what the goal is and let you know briefly what the main elements of an ad campaign are.

Our Adwords packages start from £500/month.

Return on Investment is our key aim so you always get results. We want to help you reach your target audience, and make money, so you will come back to us for more. Even if your competition has ad bids that are higher yours, we can help you win a higher position at a lower price by using highly relevant keywords, ads and extensions coupled with landing pages on your website which will turn your web visitors into customers.

Why not contact us today to see how we can help you.

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